Wednesday, April 25, 2007

sleepy time

Before Easter Dotty was starting to sleep through the night. Then we got a nasty flu bug and we just slept all the time for two straight days. After the flu came and went, the night sleeping stopped. At first I thought, we are well again, sleep shall return. This didn't happen. I began to credit her prior night sleeping to her cousin William being in the house. He is a great sleeper. Maybe babies sleep cycles are like other cycles...they just match up after awhile. Well with William out of the house and back in California I had to try something else. And it worked. ErbaOrganics lavender oil and lotion has put the bubby right to sleep the last four nights in a row. She now sleeps 9pm to 5am. It smells great and has nothing scary in it. Its great for after baths like these


sarah said...

cutest picture ever.
and are you kidding me? she's already sleeping from 9 until 5? i need to whip elliot into shape.

m. said...

every mom that reads this blog is googling ErbaOrganics right after they read this. Flynn stopped sleeping through the night at six months & is still getting us up at 22 months! i will be looking into this sleep potion..