Friday, April 27, 2007

nader nod

So despite my aforementioned apathy towards everything politics, I went down to UVSC last night to hear Ralph Nader speak at the BYU alternative commencement. The speakers were great and for some must have been deeply inspiring. I, however, always come away from such speeches a little more discouraged. Hearing endlessly the problems with our government, our politicians, our society and our environment gets a little overwhelming after awhile. I like the suggestions they make but feel that with so few people listening, no real change will ever be made.
But this time, with Dotty in mind, I decided to go with the goal of taking away one thing that I can do to affect change. Seeing as I can't even vote in this country, my impact will have to be elsewhere. Ralph talked about a lot of things, but he talked a lot about the widening gap between fat big business and the poor working class. I decided that one change I can make today is to buy all of dotty's dressing things thrift or go handmade from sites like etsy.

We'll see how long it will last.

I really wish I had brought along a pen since there were so many things I wanted to remember. It also made me sad that I had left his book in a box in California since it would have been nice to get it signed. Isn't this a great book to leave out on a side table? Its really smart too. Great for mother's day.

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