Wednesday, April 4, 2007

x-ray day

We are now moved up to Utah. Dotty was great on the drive up. She slept the whole time and still slept pretty good at night. We couldn't leave until last wednesday because Dotty had an important appointment at the hospital to check her urinary system. The took x-rays to see if one of her valves was working properly. It wasn't. She has a grade 2 reflux which means some of her pee is shooting up and into her kidneys. They said most babies outgrow this within the year so in the meantime she'll stay on her antibiotics and we'll do another x-ray when she's bigger. But she was such a good baby at the hospital. Didn't even cry once. I think it was too exciting and interesting to cry. Here are the pictures


m. said...

welcome back! email us your phone number. i can't wait to see dotty! i love those chubby legs :)

DH said...

Her happy picture looks like she thinks she's going to get her diaper changed. Too cute.