Sunday, November 25, 2007

Brought to you by Ikea...

Cory planned a big open house to motivate us to get our new place ready for visitors. After two months of a little here and a little there,the last couple of days felt like a make-over show and we were literally hanging curtains and putting doors back on 30 minutes before people were supposed to show up. I'm so glad we put up the effort because it really is starting to feel like home.

Here is our front room/awesomely mounted HD tv room. Cory was hesitant about the leather but after a few spills were easily wiped up- he warmed up right away. Unfortuanately the leather doesn't warm up as right away in the cold mornings.

The front room leads into the kitchen and dining area which still needs some work. I'm hoping to get a stretched canvas from inhabit but if that doesn't happen any other suggestions? We also need a rug under the table, maybe a few plants in the background to warm things up and I hope to swap the folding chair with an imitation navy chair from eurway. That way Dotty will be dining in class.

The rest of the kitchen looks like this...dotty will hopefully be replaced with some sort of desk or dining hutch in the near future and the awful looking jumper will be forever stored away. We actually thought of putting an island or something in the middle to break things up- any opinions?

As for my favorite part of the kitchen it is of course the orange Kitchenaid mixer, but now also this hook from conran which is perfect for hanging my well used aprons.

Stay tuned for pictures from the upstairs...

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gillian said...

Looks awesome - can't wait to visit. Though I profer Dotty to a desk anyday.