Sunday, November 4, 2007

It's My Turn

I don't have many fan moments- but I had one yesterday when I met Carol Lynn Pearson. Casey invited me to a feminist forum at the University of Utah and it was really great: inspiring. Sis. Pearson mentioned how growing up she always felt second class since God had chosen to be a man and there was little mention about heavenly mother. I thought at first that was strange since I had never felt that way and then I realized it was because of her that I had never felt that way. Growing up with "my turn on earth" and other songs and poems must have shaped me more than I thought.
She is really a great lady, someone I really want to emulate. She isn't harsh or confrontational in her activism but yet is really strong and sure of her convictions. She is articulate- even poetic- in how she speaks of the issues that are important to her, yet she is also smiley and sweet. Someone you wouldn't expect to be fighting for homosexuals in the church or singing all the masculine pronouns in church hymns as female ones. A feminist everyone loves.
Anyway I got to meet her since we went with a girl who grew up in her ward in California. I was tongue tied but still managed to ask for a picture. I told her my parents loved her, and she said they must be great people- "They are," I said. Thanks guys- I hope Dotty can say that about Cory and I someday.
Read an interview with her here

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