Sunday, November 11, 2007

getting married to something?

Cory finally uploaded a three minute clip of one his latest wedding videos to his blogspot page for all to see. I've added a link to his page to the right. You can also check out the sick camera that he uses to film all his video with TLC quality
Pricing available on request.


Gregory said...

a) i can't believe you sold out to the man and started hawking businesses on your blog. sure, he's your husband , but what about keeping it real? b) what was the song used in the video. it was cute and i'd like to pretend i found it. c)I enjoyed cory's blog title. very cory. and d)that girl in the video, the one wearing the white dress is pretty hot. is she taken?

mere said...

nick drake- northern sky. and you can take credit for it as long as you stop teasing cory about being "so indy and sh$%*"

Gregory said...

i won't. and it's spelled indie. like the race.