Thursday, November 1, 2007


Dotty ended up going as Don dressed as a penguin.

She was scared of her dino-mummy


Stephen and Lauren said...

I'm still laughing about that mustache on a baby!

Gregory said...

I'm frankly disappointed. I was excited for a stay puff baby. I mean, she looks cute, don't get me wrong, I'm just saying.

mere said...

I know we sold out. We'll dress her up as stay puff when you least expect it and won't that be better?

Gregory said...

maybe. maybe you could do it when me and my three friends are defending the city of new york against an ancient demon who reads our thoughts and uses whatever we are thinking of to kill us.
that would be funny. because then we'd see dotty and be like, "hey this is just like ghostbusters?" and we'd have a good laugh. until we are killed by a giant bill murray, Harold ramis, Dan Ackroyd, and Erni Hudson.