Monday, June 1, 2009

Dotty Potty Days 2009

So I have three days off of work to accomplish a lot of organizing for the baby. Cory is busy finishing up some videos and so I have high hopes for things to get done with just me doing them. I've decided the most important thing is to potty train Dot. She is soooo ready, but I haven't had the follow through to get it done.
Today we started with a pantie party, her in her princess panties. It was going well, she sat on her potty for awhile and then gave up. Then she said her tummy hurt and she needed to go to the doctor (she says this a lot) and right after that she peed all over the floor.
When she says her tummy hurts she is really saying she needs to go potty. So we discussed that for A LONG time.
And now she pretty much gets it. I still need to remind her. But after her nap she woke up and said her tummy hurt and ran to the potty. We read a bunch of stories, and she went pee! I have confidence for the next two days. Wish me luck.


sarah said...

This post made me laugh, you are such a fun mommy. Sounds like you are making progress, good luck!

m. said...

that's so great! sobe is totally poopy trained, but still can't figure out the peeing part. flynn was opposite. i don't have the energy to keep up with pee training her right now(she really doesn't get it), but it sure is nice not to change poopy diapers anymore!

so exciting! glad to hear the first day went so well. hears to only buying one size of diapers!

Gilly said...

Alright Dotty!So seems like Dotty takes after you in the hypocondriac department? Whatever works - glad she likes going to the doctor. I have also found the potty book for girls quite helpful. My girls loved it - Alice studied it like a text book and Jackie just memorized it. It starts, Hello my name is Hannah, I have lots of fun each day, but first I need my diaper changed so I can go and play". That book is the reason Alice only wanted to wear hot pick when she was two. You can probably get it from the library. I am hoping to get Evie potty trained this summer. Better break out the book, and the pottu...