Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Pink Biolin

A couple of weeks ago we went to see my friend Alysha play violin at a ward party. She plays with her Dad's bluegrass band and they are pretty awesome. Needless to say Dot had a blast. Not only did she love hanging out with her best friend Luke, notice how close Dot and Luke are sitting to each other... but she loved dancing to the fun music. Now she won't stop talking about how she wants a "pink biolin".
But she also says, "I will play the pink biolin, and daddy will play a brown guitar, and mummy will play piano, and we will put on a show in front of a curtain!" Oh yes, Dot - one day for sure.


sarah said...

Dotty is probably the only two year old with ambitions of starting a band. I'n guessing by the age of 5 she will be releasing her first album.

Gilly said...

I would buy tickets to that show. My friend megan plays the violin and Alice is dying to take lessons... maybe a cousins band in the future.