Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Townes Hudson LeSueur

We are excited to introduce Baby Townes to the blog! He is such a beatiful baby boy and we are all in love with him. At first, Dot was a little hesitant...she was a lot more interested in being "at the doctor" and kept putting on gloves to check mummy's tummy.

but with Grandma Donnay's inspired gift (her own baby boy) she warmed up quickly. My favorite quote - "my present (pointing to her baby boy) and your present (pointing to baby townes) so true! Here is a first family portrait in the hospital.

When we got home, she spent time diapering and feeding her baby boy. And soon her attention turned to the real baby townes and the effatuation begins.

holding him for the second time, waiting for a playdate with Oliver

Dotty feeding baby Townes with what she thought was mummy's milk

Dotty is turning out to be the perfect big sister. She is so concerned with his diapering, his feedings, his burps. She loves to get me my nursing pads, and is of course obsessed with my medicine (she is my daughter afterall!). The first time she held him she said, "I love him so much". Too cute!


Grant and Shalie Morgan said...

Congratulations you guys! He is a cutie. How fun that Dotty loves him so much. Mary, I hope you heal fast and start to feel normal very quickly! Love you guys

Seth & Mikell Osburn said...

Oh my heck! those pictures are so cute!!!

Momoko Photography said...

Congratulations you guys! A boy! Get ready to run your heart out.

Joshua said...

congrats. best wishes to all of you.

Gilly said...

That is the sweetest post. Thank you for sharing it!!!

Stephen & Lauren Reber said...

Wow--he is beautiful--congrats. And I love the name :)

Cammie said...

Oh!!! Congratulations! I'm so happy for you.