Thursday, June 4, 2009

So You Think You Can Dot

The excitement starts...

Then the hip hop auditions start...

Then the ballroom auditions start,

or the "pretty dancing" as Dot calls it.

And it ends with lyrical? alternative? I don't really know. but Dot calls it "cool dancing"


Nicole Breanne said...

Amazing Amazing Amazing! I definitely just watched each of them twice. And I plan to show my family in the morning. I love how the somersault split leg headstand appears in ballroom and not just hip hop. I also love how excited she gets when the opening music comes on... and "It was a cool dance."

She will make Top 20 one day. In about 20 years.

Esther Alene said...

Her soul is unconstrained by her body. So much to express and she manages it. So great to watch. You never know, you may have a dancer after all!

Gilly said...

She is so great!. I can't wait to get her together with Evie, who also has been dancing along with so you think you can dance, because if she could talk she would say" So you thought I would sleep?". The big girls haven't been watching it they will I am sure of it.