Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Dotty loves Easter. Ever since Easter 2009, whenever she draws a picture it is always an egg. "Mom, I'm drawing a purple egg". She started putting arms on the eggs for a brief "monster period" but she never really left the egg.
Dotty is also obsessed with directions. Whenever we are in the car she always says "tell me the words of how we go" meaning I have to narrate our navigation wherever we are going. I remember being obsessed with this as a child and loving figuring out how to get places around the city. So I've been trying to teach her about east and west.

Me: "See those big mountains?"
Dot: "yes"
Me: "When we are driving that way, it means we are going East"
Dot: "Oh, like the Easter bunny!"

I'm telling you, she loves Easter. We are so excited to have a week of fun leading up to Easter weekend with my mom and Anne coming to town. Then a party at Grandma Donnay's house on Saturday and an egg hunt at D&Ps on Sunday.

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Cammie said...

What a smart little girl she is and I love that little conversation you shared!