Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ugly ugly, very ugly

Grandma and Grandpa Hudson gave Dotty a Robert Munsch Anthology for Christmas and she absolutely loves every story in it. Lately she has been enamored with Stephanie's Ponytail. It is about the trend-setting Stephanie who wears her hair the way she wants despite disapproval from her peers. Just like in life, the naysayers inevitably become the early adopters and the whole school copies Stephanie's styles.

Dotty loves it.

And now, when I'm doing her hair, sometimes she asks for some of the ponytails Stephanie comes up with. This one was my favorite.

Dot:"It looks just like broccolli coming out of my head."


Brit said...

That is ridiculously cute.

Gilly said...

Tomorrow I will have shaved my head!We love that book. Dotty looks so grown up it isn't even funny.

Sarah Reinhart said...

Ridiculously cute is the best way to describe this.