Monday, March 29, 2010

There's something about Mary

So Dotty had the Easter lesson in nursery this Sunday (yes, poor girl is still in nursery, but she doesn't seem to mind). And she was paying pretty good attention to the details or at least grasped that there was a "Mary" involved - "just like you mummy!".
She brought home the classic scribbled coloring page with Jesus and the tomb and asked me to cut out the pieces. "Because my teacher said you could cut it out". So I cut it out.
A little while later she is playing with the cutouts and I overhear her yelling,

"Mary....Mary.... help me... aahhh... I'm stuck in the tomb"

[different voice] "Oh, I'll help you."

[first voice]"Thank you Mary".

It might be blasphemous but I kind of like the story that way.

Happy Week Before Easter!


Gilly said...

Totally cried - that was so classic!!!

Sarah said...

Dotty says the funniest things.