Saturday, March 20, 2010


I lost my camera cord some time ago and finally got something to get my pictures out of my camera. Can you believe it has been since November? I have cruise pictures, christmas pictures and more to share. I'm going to start with these.
We went to a great indoor swimming pool in Calgary over Christmas and Dotty had the time of her life. She would go down the Orange Slide (capitalized out of respect for being so wonderful) all by herself! It was scary to see her flop into the wavy water but I was really so proud of her.

Dotty hugging her cousin Eve


sarah said...

I was really hoping this was in Utah so we could go there whenever we visit next.


mere said...

I know. But there is one like it in Salt lake - Foothills pool. So we'll go there!

Gilly said...

I was just there with Jackie and Eve on Tuesday afternoon. It was totally empty and made me want to have Alice skip school one day to go swimming. I love the picture! Can't wait to see more. My camera just broke - so my blogs will be picture challenged for a while.