Saturday, April 3, 2010

Another Water Slide and Selective Memory

So we went swimming at Fairmont Pool when my mom was here. They also have an indoor water slide - but this one has a strict "one person at a time" rule - which means I couldn't ride down with Dot on my lap. Stupid rule but anyway.
Dot really wanted to go and I gave her the choice - go down by yourself, or not go down at all. She of course chose to go down by herself. I walked up with her and sent her off. Up on the stairs I had a perfect view of her the whole way down.
At the first turn she slid around backwards and spent the rest of the trip on her back headfirst with a look of terror on her face.
Grandma caught her at the bottom and she said, "that was scary"
I told her she was so brave.
When Cory picked her up later she had a different story.
"Were you scared Dot?"
"nope, I'm brave."

After swimming we took the Canadians to Macaroni Grill. Dot was pretty well behaved...

in case you can't hear - Dot says "a worm dancing"

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Gilly said...

Way to go Dot. Selective memory is very important to us women - if not for that, we would only have one child each. Mom told me about the waterslide incident. I'm glad she wasn't traumatized.