Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter Eggs and Ears

Easter weekend started with some egg dying with Grandma Donnay. I'm glad Dot gets to experience that - because there is no way I would do it on my own. Too messy. But Dot had a blast, and I love her apron.

I asked her to pose - this is what she came up with.

Then the Easter Bunny came on Sunday and dropped off a basket full of toys and games (I'm pretty impressed with myself for resisting the candy!). I asked Dot who she liked better, the Easter Bunny or Santa Clause and she said "Santa Clause, the easter bunny doesn't talk"...hmmm good point.

Here is her "enthusiasm" for the candy-less basket. Sorry for her "witch hair" as Greg would call it.

Happy Easter! We enjoyed the peaceful reminder of our Savior's atonement. Hope you did too.


Seth & Mikell Osburn said...

I love the bunny ears on Townes! haha so cute!

Gilly said...

Townes makes a good Easter bunny. Alice asked me, : Is the Easter bunny bringing presents too? I said, no - the easter bunny brings chocolate eggs and that's it", even so, it took her forever to get to sleep - too excited. Anne helped us hide eggs Saturday night - and the kids hunted for them in the morning without even waking us up...

Sarah said...

Great idea on the candy-less Easter basket. The kids look so big and cute.