Monday, April 12, 2010

The color of...

My sister's third girl is in love with green instead of pink or purple (Dot's two favorite colors), so naturally that gave me hope and on the ride home I started to steer her in a different direction.

me: "What about yellow? yellow is the color of the sun"
dot: oh ya
me: "and green, green is the color of grass, and leaves"
dot: "and Tiana"
me: "ya - what about blue? blue is like the sky, and swimming"
dot: "oh yes"
me: "and white is the color of clouds"
dot: "and...and doctors!"

I think I might have an edge with white and doctor coats...progress.


Gregory said...

Sure, Mary. She meant the coats...Or maybe you need to move out of Utah and let Dottie see some professionals from some other ethnic background. I mean, seriously, there isn't one Asian doctor in the whole state?

Nicole Breanne said...

Who's Tiana?

And why is she green?

Gilly said...

Greg's comment reminds me of when he asked mom if guys could become doctors too. He'd never seen a buy doctor.
I love that she loves doctors - being a hypochondriac is genetic.