Friday, April 16, 2010

It's been a hard week

But I'm hangin' in there...

Things to be excited about:

1. I'm getting my hair cut tomorrow. Going back to the supershort - I blame Carey Mulligan.
2. We pick up Brady from the airport tomorrow night!
3. We paid our taxes and our cars are finally both registered!
4. I bought my dream chairs from a 3form photo shoot (pictures soon)
And best of all...

5. I'm surprising Cory with tickets to see Conan in Vegas for our Anniversary in two weeks!!!
(well I held it in for a whole month...but just told him 30 minutes ago)
* image taken aboard the Royal Carribean Cruise Ship


Gilly said...

1. Carey Mulligan is adorable and so are you. Post pictures of the cut - you are so lucky you can go super short.
2. That's nice
3. Do you want to come do our taxes now? I am dreading it - though we should get a healthy return this year....still I hate to do it
5.can't wait to see the chair
6. DID COREY TOTALLY FREAK OUT!!!! That sounds so fun!

Gregory said...

Gilly forgot 4.

Sarah said...

It takes a pretty face like yours to wear super short hair like you do.

Sorry if this comment sounded creepy. Just don't read in in a creepy voice.

sarah said...

when can i see this dream chairs you speak of? i'll probably be jealous.

conan sounds awesome! are you trying to make the rest of the world's wives look bad or something?