Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Fun Store

Dotty calls Ikea, "The Fun Store". It used to be just because of the kid's section with the chairs, and slide and toys. But now she's discovered all the playhouses.

Mummy, let's play make breakfast, while I take a nap
And then I'll woose the potty before we go to school


Esther Alene said...

Anne and I watched 500 days of summer and the leads have a date in IKEA playing house. Maybe we never really grow out of this!

Gilly said...

Usually the kids like ikea because of the playplace - but last time Jackie was too sick to go. They loved all the play houses - though Alice dies of embarassement if I do anything pretend. Andrew and I went to Ikea on a date - when we were looking for furniture. He had a different reaction. The place sucks all the life out of him - he was totally drained and practically souless when we left.

Sarah said...

Dotty is such a fun kid. Seriously who would want to play in the kid's section when you can play house in the pretend houses?