Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dotty's Music Birthday

Dotty had so many great friends come to her musical birthday party. We decorated with piano colors- which I later learned were also "over the hill" colors. Oh well. looking at the black and white balloons now, I realize it is a little sad...Oliver liked them.

Flynn, Dot Oliver

Dot's friend and future boyfriend- Luke Our sad piano cake.

blowing out the two candles.

Dot pushing Oliver away from her cake.

A girl friend for Dot- Sobe Stubbs
Dot got a lot of musical presents. The cutest was this recorder from Brett, Meghan, Flynn and Sobe. This video shows her excitement and her musical party hat.


m. said...

that is so funny. i didn't even realize that was a piano cake:). flynn's curious george cake last year looked like a bear. although i don't think anyone cared what your cake looked like because it was so amazingly delicious! brett had me try to make it the next day but it wasn't as good as yours. glad she liked the gift!

alysha said...

best adult/kid party I've ever been to!

alysha said...

and, I need that Mac and cheese recipe, and apparently that piano cake I didn't get to try.

Gilly said...

1. Black and white - over the hill? no way - totally hip - Alice would like it
2. I could totally tell the cake was a piano cake
3. Way to protect your cake Dot
3. The HAT rocked.
We wish we could be there. Thanks for posting about it.