Friday, January 30, 2009

Look at that cute little Honda. We just found out that her transmission is shot. We are going to keep with her until she finally dies. Until then, we will contemplate our good times with her (california, dot's first ride home from the hospital, slow goings up hills...)and try to decide what to replace her with. Any suggestions?
1. good looking
2. roomy, possibly a third row
3. 4WD (we live in the snowy mountains now)
4. Good MPG
5. Not too expensive


thechoulespauls said...

oh i had this car at one time and i loved it! it's so hard to get rid of your babies...

adam's been looking into the kia mini van (which is a little shorter than a normal minivan) it sits 7 and get's good gas mileage and is totally affordable. i know kia used to get a bad rap but they have come a long way and this van has gotten tons of awards...

i'm pretty sure we're getting one in about 6 months

can we get together soon?

Gilly said...

It is so sad when the transmission doesn't work right. There is no power and it feels like the car is so tired. Good luck finding something. Andrew just bought a 91 topaz to replace the lumina mom and dad gave us 4 years ago because the engine could go at any time. You never know how longs things will last. It is still running but will be going out to pasture very soon. We probably don't have any suggestions for you, seeing as we just bought a car that was new when I was in grade 10. It belonged to a old lady who never drove it - so it still looks new - like a time warp back to grade 10.