Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dot

Dotty woke up to a birthday card and some new dancing shoes. She, of course, needed her jammies off to full enjoy them. I can't believe she is two- I almost started to cry last night telling her how I excited I was two years ago that she was joining our family. I'm such a mom.


Gregory said...

Mary, your one job as a parent is to keep that girl off the pole. And frankly, i don't know if filming her while she dances topless in high heels is really sending the right message.

The Rissa and Alex Family said...

Two and oh so adorable! Hope she had a wonderful birthday. I almost cried on each of Haven's birhtdays too if it makes you feel better :)

Gilly said...

This made me laugh so hard - But what will she be more embarassed about when she is 14? - the topless dancing or the lobsided diaper.
We love Dotty so much and we talked a lot about her today - but of course forgot to call. We'll call tomorrow.

sarah said...

There's no denying Dotty is our favorite baby...I mean our favorite kid. We just love her so much. The lopsided diaper video is hilarious.